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After graduating from Auckland University with an Economics degree, Greig began his career in corporate banking with NZI Bank and HSBC.  After leaving HSBC he joined the newly formed corporate advisory division of Countrywide Banking Corporation Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Scotland).  During his time at Countrywide Bank he was transferred to Bank of Scotland corporate division in London, specialising in major UK based acquisitional financing and in particular management buyouts. In 1996 with Phillip Bell he co – founded CapitalGroup Limited. Since 1996 Greig has led investments in residential subdivisions, apartment, retail and commercial developments. These activities have helped build CapitalGroup into one of the leading providers of private capital to the property sector in NZ. Greig is married with three children.

Greig Allison
DDI 093061623
MOB 021734590
FAX  093090508